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Your premier destination for ethical brands and sustainable fashion for social impact.

Your premier destination for ethical brands and sustainable fashion for social impact.

Purchase with Purpose | Cause per Wear | Cost per Wear


a movement in which the dancer rises up to the tips of the toes

origin:  French, literally 'raised up'

n: statement | adj:  elevated, raised

Fashion Statement. Style on Point.



Our vision for Relevé Fashion is to create for you an online oasis where you can shop fashionable finds that happen to be consciously crafted - a place where sustainability and style, ethics and aesthetics coexist. Come here to shop confidently and discover the designers who are weaving integrity and values into their creations, designing today's must-haves with the future in mind.



We believe in beautiful products that conserve the beauty that surrounds us, so that looking good never has to come at the expense of doing good. We collaborate with designers, innovators, philanthropists, and individuals who share our principles and social objectives - coming together to make a genuine style statement for positive fashion and conscious lifestyles.



To Purchase with Purpose and change the why you shop - for good. We're inspired by the desire to support the designers who are doing good. We aim to give you access to beautiful products you can and will want to keep for good, all while contributing to good causes. We're infusing more meaning into what you're buying, confident that all our small actions will make a positive difference.



We thrive in an environment of trust and transparency and are committed to sharing this with you. From the cost per wear to our cause per wear, we're dedicated to developing new ways in which we can practice what we preach, continuously learning, adapting, creating positive Re-Actions, and inviting you to join us. Let's have our style speak and make a powerful fashion statement.

Purchase with Purpose

We're bringing together the game-changers and change-makers, the shoppers of style and substance, the designers redefining luxury, combining ethics with aesthetics, and the organizations responding to our world's most urgent challenges.

With your every purchase, you're making a charitable contribution to our nonprofit partners, at no extra cost.

Cause per Wear

10% from every purchase you make on Relevé Fashion goes to your nonprofit partner of choice, at no added cost.

You know that feeling of wearing something and knowing that it was a gift from someone special to you? We want you to have that similar feeling from everything you purchase from Relevé Fashion - remembering, perhaps, the young individual whose education you supported, or the woman who now has a safe source of livelihood from creating what you're wearing.

Support our official charitable partners, Big Change, Nest and The Migrant Kitchen Initiative. Buy what you love, love why you're buying it. Wear your values and keep it for good.

Cost per Wear™

The Cost per Wear™ is the item's current selling price divided by the ideal minimum number of times we suggest you wear or use the item, to make it truly worth your purchase.

We've include this feature in the hopes that it will encourage you to only purchase the things you really love and can see yourself wearing and using multiple times, for seasons and years to come.

Discover carefully selected fashion and lifestyle brands,

recognised for their environmental, personal, and social commitments.

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