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Begum Ozturk and Duygu Ozturk, Part II

Begum Ozturk and Duygu Ozturk, Part II

Harem London was launched by sisters Begum and Duygu Ozturk in 2015. From Turkish hammam towels, to hoodies and joggers, Harem London designs represent the fusion of the sisters' cross-cultural upbringing, featuring products with a unique Turkish twist. Begum and Duygu create clothing that they themselves can relax in and would want to wear every day. While building their own brand has meant limited free time, the sisters share how they like to unwind and enjoy themselves when they're not busy in their studio.

Rest and Relaxation
Your chill pill
Begum (B): Eat some chocolate! We all need some extra serotonin.
Duygu (D): Quality time alone
If you could wear one thing every day, what would it be?
D: Hoodies
B: Joggers
Pick your poisons: What's your drink of choice and if you could eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
B: Espresso for sure

D:  Turkish coffee! Always makes a difference to my day. I need one every day. With food, it is a difficult question because I am such a foodie.

The ultimate weekend
B:  Nice stroll around London parks
D:  Breakfast in bed
Your favourite place in the world
D: By the sea
B: For sure the sea! We are Turkish!
Life's an Adventure
The most recent thing you added and/or checked off your bucket list
D: To visit Seoul is recently added to my list, actually.
B: I went to Disney Paris recently, which is checked off from my bucket list. Don't judge me, we all have a kid inside us. And do you now see how different I am from my sister? 😊
Face your fears: the most terrifying / adventurous thing you've ever done
B: Oh, I did cage diving with sharks in Cape Town a couple of years ago! It was a great experience!
D: Oh this is scary, I had to go on an MRI scan alone, that was the most terrifying thing I had done.
#TBT to the first memory that comes to mind when you think of a crazy weekend
B: Every weekend in Istanbul is a crazy one.
D:  When I was doing my masters in Central Saint Martins, we had a 3 month exchange project where we had to create a theatre performance in Ancona, Italy. Every weekend was wild and amazing. I was with the most creative people, and it was Italy - amazing food and wine, by the sea. There is nothing more I could ask for.
How do you keep it real on social media and who's one person you wish would follow you?
B: I think it's very important to show our followers what we are really about: back stage moments from our studio or from photoshoots, how we make our garments, design process of Dee, finished garments, details of the products, the vibe of our collections and even the story behind every garment.
Hmm, it'd be cool if Ellen Degeneres were following Harem London!
Here for a good time, not for a long time - what's your guilty pleasure?
D: Shortbreads! It is crazy, I cannot stop myself once I have one.
B:  Yeah, chocolate or any dessert really. I allow myself twice a week, otherwise I cannot stop.
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All media courtesy of Begum Ozturk, Duygu Ozturk and Harem London.

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